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Global Yoruba Youth Club

Global Yoruba Society is so passionate about our youths' future. Our mission is rested on their success. We want all Yoruba Youths both in Yoruba Land and in diaspora to get involved in the development of Yoruba Land by being part of this organization. We are determined to make it fun, worthy, enlightneing, educative, supportive heritable, life-changing, and kind. We sure owe it to our youths to bring back the value and culture that our forefathers left for us. We are determined to birth in them the highest value of Yoruba morals and culture. As we use to say in Africa, it takes a village to raise a child. Youths will support and be supported to achieve global success. As a parent of Yoruba youth(s), be rest assured that the experience will be positive and worthy of your effort.

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