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Yoruba Culture and Education

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Yoruba people were led by Obatala (Obatza’ah)

Learn more about Yoruba Race from Bishop Adeyemo Adesina

A descendant of Tola the first born of Issachar; the fifth tribe of Israel (1st Chronicles 7:1-5). The war of Assyria Swept away the ten northern tribe after the death of King Solomon, leaving the two tribe in Judea; the tribe of Judah and partly Benjamin, now called Jews.

Obatala (Obatza’ah) in which the English pronounced OBADIAH the son of Izrahiah whose father was pronounced Uzzi; but in Yoruba called “Oosi”, he led back from the war loot of Assyria (Nineveh); which looted and destroyed the Northern Ten tribes of Israel systematically and season by season into the Asia.
Obatala (Obadiah) escaped with his kinsmen and led back to Judea for a testimony of Yahwah (Oluwa) in Jewish tongue Yahweh. Prophet Jeremiah refers to the testimony after the loot and destruction of Judea by Babylonians, telling them they will return after seventy years just like Obatala or Obatza’ah (Obadiah) returned with his kinsmen among the other tribes because God found him faithful, therefor the Jews should live wherever they are with fear of the Lord.

Obatala (Obadiah) did not stay in Judea because he had seen in revelation the future, He wrote the scriptural scroll called “Book of Obadiah” in 835-815 BC when he returned to Judea with his kinsmen. Discovery of the messages was done by Nawunmi; which was called in English Nahum in 615-612 BC. The message scrolled of Obatala (Obadiah) begins with a heading identifying the prophecy as “the vision of Obadiah (Obatala or Obatza’ah)”. After lamentation ahead of the future ruin of Judea and punishment of Nineveh supported by Edom, he led his kinsmen back to Egypt. In Egypt he met with other mix multitude who desired freedom and ready to partner with Obatala’s culture. After staying for few years in Egypt, they all migrated down and spread towards West African region in places called Benin City, Ile-Ife, Calabar and Igbo land in southern Nigeria, according to their Families.


1. Yoruba Culture and Education. Understand the intricate of Yoruba culture. Learn from the icons and natives.

2 - 7. Global Yoruba News The Globals carries Yoruba news primarily from the following regions and countries: Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Gambia, North America, United Kingdom, The Caribbean Islands, Brazil, El Salvador, Cuba, and South America.

3 - 8. Owe and The Analysis Owe are profound Yoruba proverbs, sayings, and expressions that can be analyzed in different ways and  may apply to people in different situations. Asking individuals to elaborate on what it means to them is the best way to show the application of the owe. Visit this page to learn what these owe  meant to our special guest.

4 - 11. Yoruba Diaspora Youth Connection Yoruba Youths are the future of Yoruba. Our Youths Characters today depict what the future will become. This area tells thoughts gathered from the Youths and how they are connecting to their origin. See the youth of the month

5 - 13. Business and Career Yoruba In search of career and Yoruba own Businesses with Job Opening. We need your talent and expertis home and abroad.

6 - 15. Relationship and Family Yoruba are full of activies fun and event. Yoruba people are talent and rich in culture. Yoruba celebrate everything from birthday, Memorial, naming, Annivesary, Remembrance, Graduation, House warming and many more. Bring your announcement to the Best wishers in this section for all to see and join you on it.

7 - 17. Events and Announcements / Tourism Yoruba are full of activies fun and event. Yoruba people are talent and rich in culture. Yoruba celebrate everything from birthday, Memorial, naming, Annivesary, Remembrance, Graduation, House warming and many more. Bring your announcement to this section for all to see and join you on it.

8 -20 Global Current headline News We live in a fast changing world. We want to bring you current news on what is happening in the 13 yoruba speaking countries. Get the headline news from your fellow yoruba speaking countries arround the world. This is updated at least once a week to make sure you are getting current and accurate news.

9 - 22. Cross Puzzle Let the Fun begin section. Crossed Puzzle For all Ages without boarder. Play and win anything from lucurative gift to cash depends on the offer as mentioned in the section. It is simply a matter of solve the puzzle. You loose nothing if you don't win but you learn something if you try.

Editorial - 24. Read Our Journalist final comments after interviewing different people and minds on various topics. We are blessed to have very dedicated and thoughtful journalists. You will be able to contact our journalists with your topic of interest for next

edition from this section.


Obatala or Obatza’ah (Obadiah) migrated down with his Father’s brother Kinsmen; the Kinsmen of Shimiri (English called Shimron), and the kinsmen of Yashubu (English called Jashub). He met with other Chiefs and Leaders of mix multitude in Egypt who associate in partnership with him and his people; in same cultural values, beliefs and Norms. Some of the chiefs are; Orunmila, Obameriri, Gogobiri, Yarubajah and others. Nevertheless Yarubajah died on his way down to the south from Egypt because of old age, but instruct Orunmila and Obatala (Obadiah) to settle in a land where they shall find Cactus tree (Igi Agbonmiregun), which was discovered in Ile-ife, Benin-city, and Calabar.




Owode, Idiroko, Ayetoro, Ilaro, Obafemi Eperin- Egbado, Yewa, Odeda. (all Egba Nativity and L.G. A Areas

Ijebu -ife, Ijebu -Itele, Ijebu - Igbo, Abigi, Odogbolu, Ijebu-Water side. (Ijebu Central Nativity and Water side)

Remo, Iknne,Shagamu, Ikorodu, Ogijo, Odongunyan, Ofada, Mowe, Arepo, Redemption City. (All Ijebu –Remo, Epe Ikorodu Nativity & Village)

Stay tuned for EASTERN GEOPOLITICAL ZONE in the next edition.

Sango-Ota,Ajebo, Ibese, Igbesa, Igbogila, Bada, Iboro, Badagiri, Iba-Ijanikin, Amuwo, Festac-Town, Okota-Isolo, Ikotun-Egbe, Agbaraje-Ijegun, ipaja-Ayobo, Idimu-Shasha, Egbeda,Akowonjo, Alimosho-Command, Ejigbo-Bucknor, Abule Egba-Oke Odo, Iyana Ipaja, Mafoluku-Oshodi, Ilasa, Lusaida-Atan, Totowu-Imose, Ojo, Igboelerin, Ipokia, Igando, Egan. (All Aworri Nativity and Egun main Towns)

Ifo, akute, Iju-Ishaga, Ojodu, ojota, Magodo, Alakuko, Agege, Oworo-Ishoki, Bariga, Ikeja, Ogba, Mushin, surulere, yaba-Tejuosho, Ilupeju, Dopemu, Akoka, Orile-Iganmu, Ajegunle, Apapa, Olodi-Apapa, Ebute-Meta, Shomolu, Koshofe, Ifako-Ijaye, ajeromi-Ifelodun. (All Akute, Aworri-Agege, Ishaga Nativity and nearby Towns)
Igangan, Idere, Lanlate, Aiyete, Asuranaran, Koso, Imofin, Omidigbo, Oke-Oba, Igbodoko, Apa, Agelu, Eruwa, Saki, Tapa, Igbo-Ora, atisbo, Iwajowa, Imeko-Afon. (All Ibarapa Nativity and Village)

Isale-Eko, Apogbon, Ebute-Ero, Obalende, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki Peninsula, Ikate, Ikota, Ajah, Eti-Osa, Awoyaya,Lakowe, Agungi, Igbo-Efon, Ebeji-Lekki, Bogije. (All Isale-Eko Nativity and Ijebu/egun Nearby Towns)

Ogunpa, Ojoo, Bodija, Akobo, Okeho, Oke-bola, Akinyele, Aleshinloye, Apete, Aromolaran, Agodi, Idi-ape, Lagelu, Adamasingba, Elebu, Iwo-Road, Iya-Ganku,Eleyele, Ido, Molete, Dugbe, Mokola, Moniya, Oluyole, Ona-ara. (All Ibadan Nativity and Towns)




Federal Capital

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Global Yoruba News


Wouldn't it be nice if Nigerians could come on the table to agree on this?

Definitely lives will be saved and peace will reign. Here is what is going around now on the request for freedom of Yoruba in a country called Nigeria


PLEASE JOIN Mr Rotimi Akande at @govrotimiakande (Instagram) for follow up on this news or visit our 'Global Current Headline' news section for update

According to Mr Akande, it has come to the attention that the United Nations had instructed the Yoruba Nation to notify the Nigerian Government of their desire for independence, and thereby the U.N. expect the Nigerian Government to engage in negotiations with the Yoruba nation for a common ground. This in layman's terms means; give and take !! give and take means, both sides will not get there wish , but will both agree on the middle ground.

There are two options on the table, but I will only dwell on the only option that will be acceptable to the Yoruba nation in-lieu of complete independence. this is because I have it from a very high credible source that two important nations on the United Nations security council will only support this option, and will only withhold their veto powers if the Nigerian Government refuse to grant at-least this option of "autonomous regional parliamentary system" then and only then if Nigerian government refuses to meet halfway will the security council be willing to take up arms to defend the Yoruba nation against the Nigerian military after she (Yoruba nation) had be granted independence by the world body (the U.N) HPB Buy Now to cut a long story short, the United Nations will only give Yoruba nation independence if the Nigerian government refuses to "give and take" by at least offering "autonomous regional parliamentary system" in-lieu of complete independence. and if the Nigerian government offers this autonomous regional parliamentary system and the Yoruba nation refuses. the Yoruba nation's petitions will be vetoed out. there's an explanation for this action, but we will have to wait till an online "town hall meeting" coming up in Lagos late September after the United Nations annual general assembly meeting in New York. why does the Yoruba nation needs the support of Nigeria's youth.... ? because the second option is not good for the youths and people of Nigeria. and i won't bother to discuss it here on open platform.
But here is what can be discussed now
The southeast and the west and the whole nation had been asking for this regional parliamentary system of governance. The current federal system will frustrate any in-coming president even if he means well. the senators and the representative must get fired by us. they must go. no more Federalism. no more federal republic of Nigeria. let's welcome the "United Nations of Nigeria" (UNN) a united parliamentary nation of Nigeria .... no more federal republic, but a united regional parliamentary nation.
If the Nigerian government is the one that refuses to offer this to the Yoruba nation in-lieu of total independence, then the Yoruba nation will be allowed to leave Nigeria peacefully as the united nation security council will protect the Yoruba nation from any attack of the Nigerian military.

If the Yoruba nation does exit Nigeria so peacefully other regions will follow suit. therefore, is to the benefit of all youths; north and south to help demand "RPG" (Regional Parliamentary Government);

" RPG now"

Even though it's the agitation of the Yoruba nation that brought the "RPG" but not only the Yoruba will get this regional autonomy; all the regions of Nigeria will be granted same. thanks to the Yoruba nation and thanks to prof. Akintoye & co.

And finally, with this move, all Nigeria’s current politicians will be null and void (fired), the upcoming elections will be cancelled and parliamentary elections for a new Nigeria without a president but a prime minister, will be scheduled along with an updated constitution a.s.a.p.... i am begging all Nigerian youths and seniors to abandon their support of any individual nor current politicians or presidential candidates and help fire all this over-paid senators, representatives, governors, and local government chairmen. the cost of their wages and salaries is why the nation is wretched. imagine a senator getting paid approximately $100 thousand dollars a month and a professor and lecturers getting paid only about $700 a month. and the salaries slides down from there. let's fire/sack everyone of Nigeria’s current politicians.




The book of proverbs, as written by King Solomon says; “To know wisdom and instructions, to perceive the words of understanding”. Three critical nexus: wisdom, understanding and instruction give due definition to proverbs and the benefits derivable from it.

Proverbs illuminate the path to spiritual comprehension of God and its creation, the influence of words on the conduct and demeanor of Man and his capacity to build relationship with his creator and the environment in which he finds a habitat.
ksolomon There are empirical evidences that proverbs exist at the same time, human words found comprehendible means of interaction and exchange between and among the homo-sapiens. In other words, proverbs existed since time immemorial to deepen understanding, analysis and interpretation of languages.

The biblical writing, otherwise called, Book of Proverbs must be studied and meditated upon to achieve wisdom and understanding of life’s creation. Proverb from this premise has empowered man to keep God’s instructions as a moral compass.

While the authorship of proverbs is often ascribed to King Solomon, a school of thought veered from the biblical view point with inferences from ancient historical sources to conclude that the great king might not be the sole author.


Solomon’s book of proverbs contains seven (7) collections of wisdom materials, mostly in short sayings, from a wide variety of periods. Research did indicate that the proverbs of King Solomon were reflections of events and issues of his era, most of which were profound and enduring.   


Casting is on going

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The spiritual interpretation of the proverbs as provided by biblical writers often allude to the humble and patriotic disposition of King Solomon to God and his countrymen. The position is strengthened by his royal commission. Solomon had in response to God’s question on what his wish as king over Israel was, the king demanded wisdom, rather than a craving for wealth and power to subjugate his enemies.

His preference was a hallmark of humility coated in spiritual, moral superiority. God granted King Solomon’s wish beyond his expectations. He was great in wealth, power, probity and wisdom to dispense justice in equal measure. He exhibited the latent attributes by conducts and expressions that were infused with uncanning proverbs of intellectual depth, and which are now, Words on Marble.
Biblical meaning of proverb is simple but profound. Scholarly examination of proverbs presents a collection of moral sayings and counsels, in a book of canonical Jewish and Christian scriptures. Proverbs written in the Bible present the parameters for moral character, approval and disapproval of attitudes in line with the spiritual relationship with God. It also contained regret and apology at acts considered antithetical to divine instructions or obligations, chief of which is pride, accumulation of wealth and vain gloriousness.

With specific reference to the Yoruba peoples, proverbs in antecedents and usage emphasis moral obligations to God and Man. The very essence of proverb is targeted at building societies in strong engagement with values which promote human dignity, truth, justice and respect for the elderly.
A scrupulous study of proverb reveals how the ancestors of Yoruba Race had used it to engender respect by the young to the elderly and spelt out the obligations of the elderly to teach the younger folks the philosophy of respect and obedience to the words of wisdom which proverbs are meant to teach.

Let’s take a look at this simple phrase;” Omode kii powe niwaju agba, lai gba’se” translated in English to mean “it is forbidden for the young to talk in parables before an elder, except if permitted to do so”. This injunction is formed by the perception of gerontocracy which is integral to the concept of proverbs. It is thus assumed that proverbs as a body of complex moral, philosophical and spiritual principles are better managed and deployed by the aged with life experiences and privileges of wisdom, to guide the young unimpressionable ones, climbing the ladder of life.




Hundreds of thousands of proverbs have been propounded, spoken and integrated with several languages since time immemorial. These were deployed orally from generations to generations before the advent of writing. Man is however fortunate to have these words of wisdom documented to provide access and ease of spread of its contents.

By means of proverbs, the Yorubas in Nigeria and other parts of Africa can appreciate the pristine values in their cultures, languages, religions, traditions and ways of life, as well as the capacity of their ancestors to express immortal words of wisdom.

The Next serial shall look into the literal and literacy meanings, interpretations and analytical features of Yoruba proverbs.


Yoruba Diaspora Youth Connection

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Business and Career

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Relationship and Family

Yoruba housing architecture and family integration.

Settlement patterns of Yoruba Communities exhibit an urban culture that has become generally identified with the people. What makes the urban culture noticeable is the style and design of individual and family residence in communities, towns and cities of the Yoruba Country.

The housing architecture is reflective of social and economic status of individuals and families. Stratifications did exist in the living standard of the people but are not strong enough to remove the toga of City Dwellers which the Yorubas are reputed for.
A trip round the Yoruba Country confirms an extant urban civilization which engaged the attention of scholars and scrutiny of experts in urban housing architecture over the years.


From research and studies on housing and dwellings in Yorubaland, certain conspicuous identities are brought into play viz; (1) Conjugated Family Unit Compounds
(2) Open Courtyards
(3) Large Exteriors



The houses were designed to accommodate families who may not fall within same blood lineages but are not without indicators of differences among the families. Community

Yoruba housing architecture thus seeks to project the history of families within each compound, linkages between and among such families (where such exist) as well as heritage points in each family compound that not only tell the ancestral stories of the families but assist in preserving such history for generations.

The Yoruba housing architecture is a symbolic narrative of the peoples’ noble culture and their integration character. It is akin to a strong communal attachment which allows Royals, commune with free-born and inter-marry. In summary, the Yoruba Housing architecture promotes communal lifestyle, filial responsibilities and bonds that are spiritual.  
Alajobi or Ajobi, a Yoruba adage, is a living product of Yoruba housing architecture and cherished by the people than any other ethnic nationality within and outside Nigeria.
The housing architecture, particularly the concept of conjugated family compounds is the foundation of urbanization in the Yoruba Country. It provided the impetus for ancestors of the Race to establish kingdoms and Empire of reckoning.

For thousands of years, Yorubas are largely domiciled in the interior of their territories but are known for building great cities. The result is that Yoruba populations live close to each other to the extent that the communities are located at equidistance of short-kilometers to each other.
The Yoruba housing architecture is developing at a fast-pace that urban housing experts are projecting a borderless Yoruba Country before the end of this century.



Events and Announcements / Tourism

Upcoming Events and Global Announcements


Osun Grove faces serious challenges to her tourism magnetism

The 75hectare grove was first declared a National monument 1955. The law was amended in 1992 to protect the entire habit from incursions and activities considered inimical to the preservation of its flora and fauna. Fishing and hunting were forbidden in and around the grove.

The Nigerian cultural policy of 1988 was conceived to give more legal teeth to the extant anti-poaching regulations, originally designed to protect the heritage values and history of the Osun grove.

A major clause of the protection laws as contained in the cultural policy was the authority granted to the State Government to preserve the records of such heritage sites wherever nature had planted them.

“The state shall preserve as monuments, old city walls and gates, sites, palaces, shrines and public buildings”

The 1988 cultural policy also vested the promotion of buildings of historical significance and monumental sculptures in the State Government, under the land use Act of 1990. These legal provisions automatically empower the State Government to superintend over the preservation of heritage sites and tourist centers domiciled in their areas of jurisdiction. Osun State Government thus had, substantial latitude to manage the potentials of creation that make Osun grove a UNESCO designated world heritage site.

The direct effect of the 1988 cultural policy was the establishment of a well-developed management plan for the Grove that embraced a four-year period (2004-2008), adopted by all stakeholders which enabled a particularly management system by the National Commission for Museums and Monument, under Decree 77 of 1979.

A study of these legal provisions indicates substantial leverage that insulate from any human activity that can imperil its natural composition and religious values have been put in place. The current threat to the aquatic nature of the grove is however a negation or by inference, a flagrant violation of the 1988 cultural policy and all the laws emanating from it as promulgated to preserve the heritage history and tourism potentials of Osun-grove.



The illegal mining around Osu in Ijesha-land, with spiral effects of contamination of Osun River is a big worry to stakeholders and managers of the sacred Osun-grove. A cultural Icon, and Araba-Awo of Osogbo, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon unarguably linked the degradation of the Osun-grove to illegal miners, who he described as selfish fronts for politicians and businessmen. His response to the aquatic impairment of the grove was soul searching.

“meetings upon meetings are being held by stakeholders on this danger to the ancient grove and its tourism potentials. We are all afraid now that with Osun River getting so heavily contaminated and in such adulterated color, it’s going to affect the program of the annual Osun Osogbo Cultural and tourism festival which attracts peoples all over the world to the ancient grove.”

“The current situation of Osun grove makes us sad and when you look at the people responsible for this, they are politicians and businessmen. They are the enemies of progress of our culture. All they know is, they just want to make money. There are some politicians who enforce illegal mining by granting mining licenses indiscriminately…”

Global Yoruba Society

The Osun grove is inseparable to the throne of Ataoja, the natural Ruler of Osogbo. Succeeding Ataojas appraise their reign and accomplishments on their capability to preserve its ancient history and features. tourism

No Ataoja of Osogbo can toy with Osun grove especially the religious pre-eminence that the ancient grove confers on priests and priestesses of the River goddess and other deities which dwell within the sanctuaries of the grove. The worship of Osun and execution of all her sacred obligations by any reigning Ataoja is an article of faith and a filial piety.




The grove has since the beginning of the 19th century risen in status from a primordial centre of worship to a global tourism centre and a signpost for cultural renaissance. The Osun grove is a wonder of some sort where the beauty and essence of nature find a common ground.

If the ancient habitat has served the religious, spiritual, economic and cultural requirements of the natives of Osogbo, since its establishment
as a Yoruba Kingdom, it is because stakeholders have sustained the sacred pact between their ancestors and the deities to preserve the pristine existence of the grove.

The Osun grove is a National Herbal Pharmacy with more than Four Hundred (400) plant species; some; endemic. Over two hundred (200) of these species have been certified medicinally curative for different types of diseases.
Health Perfect Beauty Health Perfect Beauty

The dangers posed to the heritage site by the contamination of its waters and its serene environment cannot be quantified if immediate measures are not taken against illegal gold mining spilling into Osun river course unchecked for more than two (2) years. tourism
Environmentalists are unanimous in opinion on the lethal effect of led, (a bye-product of gold mining) on the aquatic life and fauna of the grove, which are not only in perilous situation but are vulnerable to extinction within a short time. Unregulated human activities within and around the grove now make the gifts of nature deposited in the heritage site even more vulnerable by the day.

Humanity as beneficiary of such rare gifts is also denied the protection and immunity offered by such plants.

History beckons on those whose duties are, to preserve the Osun-Osogbo Grove from existential threat.

The Whole World is on the Watch.


Headline News

Global and Current Yoruba News

Daily News from accross the world about Yoruba people are posted here. Visit here daily to get the eyes witness news.

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Snr. Journalist: Olusola Ajiboye

Assoc. Journalist Jana Obune

The Globals
 Dear Fellow Readers,


Did you ever think one day you will have to give an account of your earthly did?
When you will have to account for the souls that you saved?
The broken hearted that you comforted?
The widow that you helped?
The fatherless and motherless that you supported?
The poor that you lifted up?
Your neighbor that you were a keeper of?
The young that you mentored?
The hunger that you fed?
The sick and shut in that you cared for?
Did you sacrifice anything for anyone?

Let me use this opportunity to bless our Leaders in Yoruba land that have been working days and nights to seek freedom for millions of Yoruba in a country called Nigeria. My highest gratitude to Professor Banji Akintoye and his administration, Chief Sunday Adeyemo alias Igboho and many unsung heroes. If you are not doing anything within your capacity, it is not too late. You are still here today even though tomorrow is not promising to anyone. Start doing something now! You will be asked to state what you did someday when you get to that other side.

You will not be commended on the money you stole for yourself and your family. You will not be commended on the luxury life you lived while other around you suffered or the flashy things you flaunted around, but you will be judged based on those items listed above.

How do I know? Well, think about what you believe in and why you believe in it. It is because it answers you when you call on him/her. I am a firm believer of Christ and I know those are the things he did while he was here on earth. I am a reciever of God’s miracle so I can speak with that authority. Although, I am a Christian in training but those are the things I ask God to help me with every day. Hence, wake up and reflect on your past and present and take action for good now.

Thank you for reading and come back soon.





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