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About Us

We are the group of people passionate for equal opportunity for all people. We believe that the progress of Yoruba Nation starts from our youths orientation. Building them up and showing them the way is a massive step in sustaining Yoruba race and progress. We will support our youths both in Yoruba Land and in Diaspora. We encourage any youth of Yoruba to join our Yoruba Youth Club. Many events, activities, opportunities and support will come from there. With that said,

  • > Our mission is to support our Youths and Resources.
  • > Yoruba people are loving, caring, and very giving people. Therefore, we will support education based on need.
  • > To repair our broken foundation by planting good deed into our youths.
  • > Standing with us is standing for a better and free Yorubas.
  • > All Human are created equal. Yoruba people will live their God's designed destiny.